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I'm a mum to a 14 yr old. i started cardmaking a good few years ago after watching QVC. I fell for the "It's much cheaper to make your own" line and have never had a penny to my name since. I've recently tried to steer away from my usual cut and stick technique and try to be a bit more adventurous.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let crafting commence.

Well I've not crafted for soooooooooooo long, I finally dug some things out from under my bed last weekend and made some christmas cards.........I like to be prepared. It feels good to be crafting again even if it is just basic cards at the minute!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Selection of 60s

I was asked to make a 60th birthday card for a teacher at work. It was my first order for cards and admittedly my only order for cards other than from family members but hey ho! I tried various designs and here are the selection I made.

The first card simply involved a Sugar Nellie stamp coloured in but I thought she was quite sweet.

My second card involved the same number templates as the first and a simple anita's flower stamp.

I loved this card because it involved my favourite birthday stamp, this was my first Sugar Nellie stamp and I love her. She's just so useful.

For my final card I used my trusty Addison papers and Dawn Bibby rubber stamps.
All of the cards were simple but I was so proud that I'd actually managed to make something!!

Card for a special lady

This is a card I made for a friend of mine who had just found out she had cancer. Thankfully she is now free of the big C.
She is a pigeon fancier so I got this photo from google images and printed it out 3 times so I could decoupage the image. I was really pleased with the effect. I did the same with images of fireman for the same friend as a card to send before her big op.
Both cards went down a storm!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christening Gifts

Well I thought I'd better add something on here, it's been such a long while since I last came on. Here's a bit of scrapbooking for a change. This first page is one I made for my great-nephew Henley for his christening, when I found this paper in a DCWV kit from QVC I knew it was just what I wanted. I'd already made a page for Henley's big sister a few years ago and my niece was so pleased with it I thought I'd do another and the added bonus is you know your gift is completely unique.
This second page I made for my great-niece, Henley's cousin, Lilly-Mai. I kept telling Lilly's mum Louise that she had to give birth on my birthday because I had my daughter on Louise's birthday, but she was a couple of days too late! I think of the two pages I like Henley's the best, I went a bit overboard on embellishments on Lilly's page.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Baby Girl

Here's my daughter all ready for her first day at secondary school, she went off with no problems but I was a bit tearful!

Long time no post

Well it's absolutely ages since I've posted anything. Had an eventful last few months, my brother suffered a stroke which came as a huge shock to us all but thankfully now he's on the road to recovery. Also the school I worked at merged and we had a huge task trying to move everything within our school into another building, and lastly I gave up my job at Tesco to work full time at school which is very tiring, I work in foundation stage and to say they're lively would be a huge understatement! hopefully things should settle down a bit more now :-)